Translate This - Translate wordpress posts as you type!

Playing with APIs is very funny, especially if you can obtain a lot, coding a few. This time I realized Translate This a simple wordpress plugin using Google Ajax APIs for Languages to translate the post you're writing, directly from wordpress administration interface.

It was easy to create the plugin but it's also very simple to use!
In fact it just adds an icon in the toolbar above wordpress text editor. Clicking it will open a popup containing a select for the language you want to translate your text to and a quick preview of what you will obtain. You change the language from the select and the preview updates itself. When you're satisfied you press save and your text is automatically replaced with the translated one. There are 42 languages in which you can translate your text.

That's amazing in my opinion.... here is a quick screencast to show what I'm talking about

As I'm still waiting for wordpress to accept my plugin on their directory you can visit the dedicated page on this blog.


Open Source, Translate, Translations, Wordpress
Andrea Olivato