Translate This 9.03.12

In the latest release of Translate This I fixed a bug which affected wordpress installations that are not located in the root of your domain. This means that if your blog address is something like

everything worked fine, while if you have something like that

the old version would have returned a 404 error. This error was due to an absolute path used to indicate the iframe location and was fixed with the suggestions of Marco Battistoni.

Older Releases

As I didn't publish anything about latest releases changes I will resume them below


In this release I added a very useful JS script that has the duty to hide the 'Translate This' icon on your editor when you move from visual to HTML mode. This is necessary as the script still do not support code editor for translation. I will try to realize that in the future but in the meantime I believe that is safer to disable the icon so that people do not try to translate in HTML mode.

I also improved the graphics inside the popup, moving elements and fixing some styles, and added language flags inside the selectbox. Icons have been realized by Icon Drawer and all the rights about them are their property.


This is a miny-minor release, needed to fix an incompatibility issue with contact-forms-iii. That was suggested by Rajesh in the comments .


In this release I fixed paths problem that where caused from the change of the plugin folder from translate to translate-this. That was my bad fault .

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Andrea Olivato