Seesmic Desktop with Twitter lists support review

screenshot4Just a few minutes ago I received an email from the Seesmic team sharing the beta preview of their 0.6.3 new version, featuring a full twitter lists support.

I installed the new .air package and started playing with it. Integration seems complete, and honestly I didn't find any bug on lists actions.

As shown on the image on the left both your own lists (twitter cyan) and the lists you follow (grey) are displayed on the left menu. By clicking on each link a new column will appear or you will jump to its own column if it was already opened. This way you don't need to use the horizontal scroll to navigate between columns.

Below is a screenshot of the main Seesmic Window, in which are shown two columns: my complete contacts timeline and just my "designers" list.

Lists Timeline


Integration do not obviously stop at showing. In any column ( default timeline, a list timeline, sent tweets or mentions ) you can always add your tweeps to a list by clicking their avatar, selecting 'add to userlist' and then choosing the preferred list from the dropdown menu. Yes, easy and quick as you expected.

Adding users to lists
seesmic-03 seesmic-04

I liked that. Really. Lists are useful, but I'm lazy and don't like to use the web interface. Having everything in a great client like Seesmic makes the whole twitter experience incredibly easy, fast and productive. I think I will start using lists seriously from now on, thanks to the client mainly.

Tweetdeck announced lists support some days ago, but still I can't see any beta out there. Yes, web and this kind of web in particular, is also about being the first. Seesmic team definitely won this round.

Andrea Olivato