Google Chrome natively running on Gentoo Linux

This is just a quick & (very) dirty trick to run Google [blippr]Chrome[/blippr] on [blippr]Linux[/blippr] using a precompiled debian package instead of compiling the enormous source tarball.

Step 1. Download the Deb

Get your browser to Developer Download page for Linux x86 and accept [blippr]Google[/blippr] Terms of service.

Step 2. Unpack the unpackable

Open a terminal emulator and cd to your download directory ( mine is Desktop )

cd ~/Desktop  
mv google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb /tmp  
cd /tmp  
ar x google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb  
tar xvf data.tar.gz  
sudo cp opt/google/chrome /opt/ -r  
sudo ln -s /google/chrome/chrome /usr/bin/

Step 3. Link some libs

Chrome requires some libs which I didn't find in my gentoo portage tree. Probably I could update nss and nspr but I prefer using stable ebuilds so I decided to manually link some missing libs...

ln -s /usr/lib/nss/ /usr/lib/  
ln -s /usr/lib/nss/ /usr/lib/  
ln -s /usr/lib/nss/ /usr/lib/  
ln -s /usr/lib/nss/ /usr/lib/  
ln -s /usr/lib/nspr/ /usr/lib/  
ln -s /usr/lib/nspr/ /usr/lib/  
ln -s /usr/lib/nspr/ /usr/lib/

Step 4. Run it

If you want to simply launch it you just need to run chrome from anywhere.
If you want to create a launcher you can use chrome as command and choose an icon from /opt/chrome/

This is just a pre-release and many features are missing. Anyway I'm quite happy about having the possibility to try out Google Chrome without compiling it (it would be a cpu suicide I believe) and I noticed that it seems incredibly fast on launching. Maybe it's because not all features have been built in, but it's impressive in any case!

Here's a screen I made from my Gentoo Box

Google chrome on Gentoo

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Andrea Olivato